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Food and the Five Tastes

written by Marlene Watson-Tara October 26, 2018
Food and the Five Tastes

I am a long time proponent of a whole food, plant-based diet and a health counselor within the principles of macrobiotics. I adore the whole concept of ‘chi’ (energy) as expressed within Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The five transformations of energy have always made such sense to me, and I love the sense and sensibility it brings to understanding health.

The Five Tastes

The five savoury tastes are the recognized basic tastes that are naturally contained in all foods. Theoretically, each taste nourishes a specific organ or organ system. In addition, each taste is correlated with a season, a type of warming or cooling energy, and a specific organ or system.

Practically speaking, the more you consciously include a variety of the five tastes in food preparation, the more satisfying and nutritionally enhanced your meals will be. Sometimes just a small amount of a ‘taste’ can contribute significantly. For example, a sprig or two of bitter-tasting parsley leaf adds a satisfying and complimentary flavor.

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