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Get Pumped Safely With Plant Protein

written by Joel Fuhrman, M.D. October 17, 2018
Get Pumped Safely With Plant Protein

Isolated protein, especially soy protein powder, is popularly blended into shakes and smoothies, but is this a healthful way to build muscle?

The Problem With Protein Powders

Protein intake, especially animal protein, is known to be the major dietary determinant of circulating IGF-1 levels. When we consume animal protein, the body increases its production of a hormone called IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor 1). IGF-1 is one of the body’s important growth promoters during childhood, but later in life IGF-1 promotes the aging process.

IGF-1 has been shown to promote the growth, proliferation and spread of cancer cells, and elevated IGF-1 levels are linked to increased risk of several cancers.3-7 Our society’s obsession with over-consuming protein is a contributing factor to our epidemic of cancer. In addition to the issue of IGF-1 and cancer, excess protein may negatively affect calcium stores, kidney function and bone health, and promote cardiovascular events.8-10

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