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For Weight Loss, Healthy Eating is IN. Dieting is Out.

Switch on Your Fat-Burning Switch with Weight Loss Nature’s Way

written by Marlene Watson-Tara September 23, 2020
For Weight Loss, Healthy Eating is IN. Dieting is Out.

Marlene Watson-Tara simplifies the weightloss struggle:  Dieting is out, and healthy eating is in!

Being overweight can affect so many aspects of your life. Aside from the loss of fitness, the potential impact on your self-image, and many other inconveniences, it can undermine your health and lead to far more serious problems. It is an issue that requires an effective and long term sustainable solution.

If you start eating the “right foods,” foods with the right balance, it will turn your “fat-burning switch” to the ‘on’ position.

The true secret is all about how you approach losing weight. Most diet systems are too rigid; you’re told exactly what you can eat and what you can’t eat, or how many calories you can eat. But if they don’t teach exactly what to eat, then the loss in calories plus eating diet foods loaded with chemicals will imbalance your hormones and lead to dietary breakdown and weight gain. Removing processed foods and adopting a Macrobiotic Wholefoods Vegan diet is the key to weight loss that is sustainable for life.

Below, you’ll find my top three exotic foods for natural weight loss. So, crack the “Weight Loss Code” and turn on your “Fat Burning Switch.”

Seaweed Vegetables

There are many varieties but all are loaded with every important vitamin and mineral that your body needs. They are high in fiber and next to no calories.  Seaweeds break down and digest slowly compared to processed foods. This actually allows hormonal balancing to occur. Hormonal imbalance is the cause of weight gain. Seaweeds are also nutrient-dense, which means a wealth of vitamins and minerals distribute throughout your body, delivering strength and energy.

Research shows that seaweed is not only healthy but also speeds up weight loss by blocking fat intake and promoting fat burning. Scientists have discovered a substance that reduces fat uptake in the body by more than 75 percent. This obesity fighter is not a drug but a natural substance found in seaweed. Alginate – the natural fiber found in sea kelp – blocks the body from absorbing fat far more effectively than anti-weight treatments currently sold over the counter.

Shitake Mushrooms

Dried Shitake mushrooms aid the liver in metabolizing your macronutrients which lessens the need for insulin production. I use these “magic” recipes for fast-acting weight loss recipes with all my clients who embark on my Weight Loss Nature’s Way Programme.

They are also powerful immune boosters, rich in antioxidants and lower cholesterol levels. They are low in calories, low in fat, high in fiber, rich in protein, and act as a blood cleanser. Truly Magical!


To say that daikon hosts all the best vitamins and minerals to stimulate weight loss is an understatement. This magical vegetable is superior to anything I have used for years with clients to achieve amazing results. The dried daikon aids in breaking down fatty liver tissue. The fresh daikon is a fantastic natural diuretic and rids the body of fluid retention. The more fat cells we have, the more fluid we store. You can see me making this amazing tea using the fresh and dried version on my YouTube channel.

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