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Four Marriages in One

written by Linda & Charlie Bloom December 18, 2018
Four Marriages in One

Our friend Doug is a unique guy. Physically, he’s quite striking; tall, with a long white beard, long white hair, and eyes that literally twinkle like the stars when he’s smiling, which is about 98% of the time. I’ve heard more than one person describe him as looking like an embodiment of their imagining of an old testament version of God. Unlike many men who make it to his age (mid-80s), Doug is anything other than stodgy, uninspiring, boring, humdrum, or tired. He’s outrageous, unorthodox, original, passionately vital, creative, and very much alive!

But Doug hasn’t always been this way, or more accurately, he has been, but he kept a lid on it for the first half of his life. He lived a very conventional life as a 1950’s husband and father who played the roles well. He also served time in the army and was discharged honorably. As a young man, he married Clydine, the love of his life, for what he described as their first marriage.

We’ll Let Doug Continue His Story

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