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How To Feel Safe Even If The World Isn’t

written by Lauren Rice September 17, 2020
How To Feel Safe Even If The World Isn't

Have you ever had a nightmare? One that was so real, so completely visceral, that perhaps it woke you from sleep? Our dreams are often the way that parts of ourselves which are unconscious or challenging and painful can find a voice within our experience to be felt, and then released or transformed. Life is a continual process of change and transformation, and our inner life is no different. We have seasons of joy and fun and also of sorrow, anger, or fear.

But what happens when events in the waking world feel terrible, but we don’t have a way to avoid facing them?

As humans, we are all connected to each other and we live within a shared experience. Those who may not personally fall ill during this pandemic may have loved ones who will. Even those who won’t lose their jobs will lose freedom or convenience. There is nowhere anyone can go and not be touched by this virus. There is much confusion, suffering and discord in the world at this moment; and no matter which way your personal experience has been affected by this global pandemic, you are connected to us all who are living through it at the same time. This reminds us that we are all in this together.

The principle of herd immunity shows us that even the health of our own bodies isn’t simply up to us. Medical science has been gradually moving toward this unified theory of wholistic health, catching up to the broader principals in many ancient spiritual traditions that view humanity as a whole and illness as a manifestation of imbalance in that whole.

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