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How To Get A Job

10 Common Job Interview Mistakes You Could Possibly Make

written by Sarah Williams April 18, 2019
How To Get A Job

Job interviews can be an incredibly overwhelming process, at least for a few of us who know it all but face self-esteem issues. If there are times when you leave a job interview saying, “I knew the answer, I wish I had answered this question,” you need to read this article.

Winning the minds of job interviewers is an art.

It can be mastered with practice and by employing the correct techniques. And, of course, on the day of the interview, no matter how confident you are, sweaty palms and butterflies in the stomach are inevitable. However, you can always reduce the inner turmoil by knowing the most common job interview mistakes that interviewees are likely to make and know ways to avoid them.

Read further to know more about ten common job interview mistakes – and avoid them at all costs.

1. Bragging

Don’t go by what you see in the movies and commercials as employers are never happy to employ those candidates who are obnoxious and flaunt outrageous claims to people. Sure, by all means, talk about your previous achievements and learning experiences, but do not speak about them with the intention of showing off.

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