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How to Increase Your Income with Your Personality

written by Patrick Ow February 19, 2019
How to Increase Your Income with Your Personality

Based on a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) research, ExtrovertsThinkers, and Judgers can earn much more than IntrovertsFeelers, and Perceivers.

MBTI has 16 personality types that are made out of eight core personality traits. Combining the core personality traits into four letters will help provide context and meaning to the seemingly random variation in personality types.

The importance of the relationship between personality and income should not be underestimated.

We can use this valuable information to acquire skills and experience that can give us a better chance of maximizing our income. It will help us understand the personal qualities needed for earning more money. While I am not asking you to become an extroverted person, it is possible to acquire the personality traits of an extrovert to increase your income potential.

If an extroverted person likes to meet people, then we should be networking with other people, too. Having an introverted personality does not stop a person from attending networking events. The introvert may need to put in a bit more effort. But it is not impossible.

Without getting sucked into debates about the merits of personality testing, I have opted to use the MBTI tool. It’s a tool that has given me relevant information for my future planning.

I totally accept that we cannot pigeonhole humans, as we are complex creatures. But there is no such thing as a perfect personality assessment tool, either. It really boils down to using a personality tool that you are most comfortable with. This tool should give you insights into the information you require to plan for your future. Remember that they are just tools.

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