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How to Raise the Heat in Your Relationship this Summer

written by Linda & Charlie Bloom June 24, 2019
How to Raise the Heat in Your Relationship this Summer

Want to raise the heat in your relationship this summer?  Here’s how we do it.

Every year, Charlie and I take two summer vacations: one with our kids and grandchildren, and one just with each other. They don’t have to be really long, just long enough to get a clean break from our day-to-day lives. These vacations each provide us with very different experiences, and we love them both. But it’s the one we take by ourselves that gives us the time to reflect together on where we are and where we’re going over the coming year.


This also allows us the luxury of taking as much time as we need to relax into the love that we are often too busy to really enjoy and savor. Sleeping late and staying in bed cuddling or making love, or just hanging out together with no agenda, no cell phones, no computers, no responsibilities – it’s as close to heaven as I’ve ever been. When I describe this scenario to friends, however, they sigh in envy and tell me they wish they had the time to do the same thing. I hear them. We used to feel that way, too, that is, until we realized that we did have the time, we just hadn’t prioritized it.

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