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How to Set Yourself Up for a Salary Increase

written by Patrick Ow April 16, 2019
How to Set Yourself Up for a Salary Increase

When working to set yourself up for a salary increase, it is important to provide evidence for your employer which can back up your claims about what you can and already do. When possible, use actual examples of what you have done, how well you did it, what you achieved, and how this relates to the requirements of your current job or a promotion you might be seeking. The STAR model below can help you with this.

What is the STAR model?

The STAR model is one way of presenting information against what the job requires. For each criterion, think about the following and use these points to form sentences:

  • Situation – Set the context by describing the circumstance(s) where you used your skills or qualities and gained the experience. (I was a manager in ABC…)
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