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How to Succeed and Produce Your Best Creative Work

written by Eugene K. Choi April 5, 2019
Produce Your Best Creative Work

You’re feeling stuck because you don’t know how to make your dreams a reality. Even worse, you’re feeling paralyzed. You’ve tried a few things here and there, but it never amounted to anything. Now, you don’t know what to do next, but you do know you want to do something awesome with your life. You feel your gut sinking and find yourself thinking “This sucks, I’ve got nothing.” Then you start doubting yourself and questioning if you’re even good enough to become like the other successful people who inspire you. So without ever doing anything, you give up and leave your dreams be. You proceed to sit on the couch and turn on Netflix, telling yourself you’ll figure it out later. You finish the movie and it was a really amazing story, so you get inspired again to create something.

This starts you off in a vicious cycle that I call the Creativity Deathtrap.

It happens the moment you run into the limitations, and you begin to realize things were much harder than you thought they would be.

The challenge can be daunting to the point that you don’t know what to do. When this happens, it’s easy to put it off for later because it’s giving you a headache, trying to figure it out. What you initially thought was a great idea is now sitting there, undeveloped, and you begin to treat the idea like it’s growing mold. You don’t go near it and you tell yourself you’ll get back to it when the solution eventually comes to mind, but it never comes.

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