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How We Can Both Win

Navigating Difficulty in a Relationship

written by Linda & Charlie Bloom February 11, 2020
How We Can Both Win

RD&T’s contributing writer, Linda Bloom, discusses her experience working with couples and shares how both in the partnership can win when things become contentious. 

Linda: There is a political activist I admire named George Lakey. He has been a successful change agent in the area of nonviolent actions for five decades. In his inspirational book, How We Win, he makes the important distinction between a protest and a campaign.

When I look back on the protests I’ve joined over the years, I don’t remember a single one that changed the policy we were protesting.

He draws a sharp contrast between a protest designed for venting and a campaign, which is characterized by clear goals and sustainability. It takes sustained power tactics to obtain a lasting shift.

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