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I Can Help Myself Heal

written by Cindy Strom June 19, 2019
I Can Help Myself Heal

Can I help myself heal? Yes.

My Story

Lately, I find myself asking the Universe for a “better way” on a number of topics that are important to me, one of them being my physical health.

One particular chronic condition has created the impetus to look into treatment options (all of which are dictated by a number of factors – potential benefit, cost, accessibility, side-effects, etc.).  But, the other side of this coin is my increasing desire to understand how to heal, especially when it comes to chronic conditions.

In this particular case, after multiple discussions with different doctors, I found someone who could give me a much more accurate diagnosis. However, the treatment plan involved applications that “may cause cancer,” or are “known to cause cancer” with the justification that if applied in low enough doses, it shouldn’t be an issue. The benefit should outweigh the risk, I was told.

Honestly, I didn’t find that very consoling. But where did that leave me? I felt trapped. So I decided not to be. I opted to delve deeper into Laws of Attraction and being healthy from that perspective. It led me to a personal meditation experience that I felt was being guided by a Higher Source which I will refer to as “They.” I don’t know how else to explain it.

The beginning

It began with me trying to visualize each part of my physical body that I wanted to heal. Part by part, I focused and visualized complete health, and was very specific about the language I chose. I felt it was really important not to use language like “disease-free” or “free from” whatever condition I wanted to heal since that language kept the “condition” active in my vibration, whereas using language such as “optimal health” or “free-flowing vitality through my whole body…” seemed to feel more in alignment. “They” told me this approach could be quite helpful, but then they took me to a whole different level of understanding.

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