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I Went Quiet

written by Dominique Mas March 21, 2019
I Went Quiet

A few weeks ago, I sent the following email out to my mailing list subscribers:

Dear all,

In the past few weeks, in the spirit of slowing down, I have taken the time to meet with many old friends and many new friends, too! And nearly every encounter has started in the same way: ‘Wow! You’ve been busy!’


Yup! I have been busy! And the truth is, it has served me very well: I have met incredible people, have started relationships with new clients, new friends, new business partners. I have created materials that have helped and supported others in their personal and professional lives. I have run workshops that prompted new relationships, reflection and have sparked great ideas for the participants. I have been visible and enjoyed it. I have had many new ideas myself and have grown at an exponential rate. And most importantly, through doing all of those things, I have built the resilience and confidence to know that I can succeed (there’s always room to grow, of course!).

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