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Identity Drives Success or Failure

written by Dina Marais May 19, 2020
Identity Drives Success or Failure

Did you know that your identity, how you see yourself, is the most important factor that drives your success or your failure? I always teach my clients that your mindset is the most important piece of equipment in your business.

So, what is your identity? Your identity is the sum of your thoughts and beliefs about yourself: how you look, your capabilities, your intentions, expectations, decisions, memories.

These beliefs are formed by how we see ourselves through others when we grow up, and unfortunately most fragile identities get damaged growing up.

Our experiences then confirm our beliefs and our beliefs create our experiences in such a way that it becomes the way we see the world.

Your identity defines your relationship with yourself and determines the relationship with everything else in your life: money, business, people, failure, success, etc. It becomes your way of being.

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