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Improve Your Life with Positive Technology

written by Dr. Tchiki Davis November 20, 2019
Improve Your Life with Positive Technology

Interest in positive technology – or technology designed to improve the quality of our lives – has boomed over the last few years. Now we have everything from happiness apps to physiological sensors that detect stress to digital objects that remind you to practice gratitude. Creating better positive technologies represents a potential way to increase accessibility, affordability, and effectiveness of positive interventions. These efforts could decrease the economic cost of mental health care, increase engagement and well-being in the workplace, and help us overcome what is considered to be a growing mental health crisis.

But which positive technologies are likely to have the greatest impact and why? Read on to find out.

Four Types of Positive Technology

Most positive technologies fit in one of four categories. However, some fit in more than one category or merge technology with human interaction in interesting ways.

1. The Informational Type
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