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In the Tornado of a Type A Woman

written by Sharon Pope September 3, 2019
In the Tornado of a Type A Woman

In coaching, recognizing yourself in others is something called, “You spot it, you got it.” The idea is that you wouldn’t truly be able to see and understand a client’s experience as deeply as you do unless you have an element of that in yourself as well. And, boy, do I understand this one… I’m talking about the Type A Woman and the tornado that can become her life.

The Type A Woman

The Type A personality is defined as someone who is highly organized, ambitious, impatient, and maybe competitive and/or aggressive in their approach to getting things done.

Sometimes, as women, we can accomplish a lot. We can run a business or have a busy career. We can make sure the kids’ favorite snacks are stocked and their homework gets done. On top of that, we can arrange for the plumber to fix the leaky pipe and make sure we get our workout in for the day. We make sure the birthday parties get planned and dinners get made. We can run from one thing to the next, but there’s never really a time where the to-do list feels fully under control.

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