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Increase Your Protein Intake for Healthy Weight Loss

written by Candace Rhodes November 16, 2018
Protein Intake for Healthy Weight Loss

Do you associate losing weight with eating less and cutting out your favorite processed foods, fast food, all sugar, dairy, and gluten from your diet?

After eliminating all that food, you’re probably wondering what is there really left to eat?

In my head, I picture a diet of a whole lot of green vegetables and salads every day till the weight comes off. That’s not a diet that I’d want to stick to even for a day!

Let me show you a better way to lose weight that involves eating more, feeling satisfied, and eliminating those late night cravings that cause you to overeat before bed.

The Problem with the Current Weight Loss Paradigm

We want to fit into our jeans, get to a healthy weight, to tone up, and to slim down, but oftentimes we have a hard time saying no to another serving of our favorite food.

When you’re on this journey to build a stronger, leaner body it feels like a fight between eating that cupcake and feeling ecstatic and then feeling guilty – or completely denying ourselves and craving it till we binge.

Making that switch from eating anything we want to being more mindful of our eating habits and eating healthier can often be an uncomfortable change, leaving us feeling hungry and unsatisfied with our meals.

Our taste buds don’t develop the same craving and addiction for healthier foods like they do for processed foods because of the lack of salt, sugar, and fat.

To help us stick with eating healthy over the long term, it is important that we feel satisfied and full after every meal. Adding more protein to our meals is one way we can fulfill both criteria.

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