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Is Age Difference Important for Couples?

written by Barry and Joyce Vissell September 5, 2019
Is Age Difference Important for Couples?

Ever find yourself wondering: Is age difference really that important for couples? The following real-life examples shed some light on the problems with and solutions for couples with an age difference.

Meet the Couple

When I first looked at Patricia and Gary as they entered my office, I wondered if this was a mother and son wanting healing on their relationship. I was surprised to quickly learn that this was a couple. She was fifty-three. He was twenty-six. Aside from the age difference, what made their relationship especially difficult (and confirmed my initial feeling) was the way they were stuck in a mother-son pattern. Patricia did most of the talking, including talking for Gary about what he was feeling, the way a dysfunctional mother would. Gary was stuck in the role of a son, unsure about the direction of his life, confused about his relationship, and blocked from his feelings.

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