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Is Going Vegan the Right Choice For You?

Things That Bloggers Will Never Tell You

written by Sarah Williams August 6, 2019
Is Going Vegan the Right Choice For You?
In the past few years, we all have seen influencers and bloggers promoting and advising their audience to go vegan. Many are more than ready to welcome the challenge: ditch the meat, dairy, eggs, cheese, basically everything that might have been an animal or a part of an animal before it landed on your kitchen table.
I was one of them, too.

However, just as many bloggers and influencers tend to sugarcoat what it’s like to be a vegan in the first place, they leave out a lot of relevant information. Therefore, we are here today to debunk all the vegan myths and explore the dark side of veganism.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m absolutely pro-vegetarian diets, raising awareness about the animal welfare and ecological impacts of our nutrition, but sometimes we need to put our bodies first.

And now that we have the intro out of the way, let’s start our debunking mission.

Veganism Can Destroy Your Body

Diet changes need to be done properly. The first thing that someone starting a vegan diet might notice is an energy boost from the removal of processed meat, compensated by eating a bigger variety of fruits, vegetables, and nuts. These are perfect, clean foods that will boost your vitamin, mineral, and fiber levels.

Can you get the amino acids you need on a vegetarian diet?

It would be brilliant for both your own health and the planet to make a plant-based diet. Although, if not done carefully and 100% right, it can end up depriving your body of essential nutrients.

Okay, this may sound outrageous, but isn’t veganism supposed to be good for our bodies and health? In theory, yes. In practice, thinking ahead about your meals and snacks can be harder than expected. If we look back into history, there is not a single wide-spread society known to thrive off of animal-free diets. We all should limit the consumption of meat, but quality animal products such us organic dairy, ecological eggs or others, alongside vegetables will make us thrive.

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