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Is Work-Life Blending Possible?

written by Dr. Tchiki Davis May 8, 2019
Is Work-Life Blending Possible?

In the 1980s, knowledge workers, globalization, and computer networking went mainstream. The more connected workers felt to the office, the more pressure they felt to get ahead by staying on the clock for extended periods of time. With only twenty-four hours in a day, something had to give. That something usually involved personal health, relationships, spirituality, hobbies, and leisure—anything beyond work.

Today, the so-called “boundaryless workplace” has become exponentially worse. We check email first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Our professional inboxes and to-do lists alert us wherever we go, often intruding on our free time. Leading corporate perks even include in-office dry cleaning, fitness centers, and three gourmet meals a day, which tempt us to rub elbows with work associates even more, helping everyone else’s bottom line at the expense of our own.

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