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Keep Money Out of Love

written by Tal Araim April 3, 2020
Keep Money Out of Love

Here, RD&T contributing author, Tal Araim, tells a story about what happens to a relationship when one person becomes financially dependent on another. Read on for a clear warning to keep money out of love.

Boys and girls, I’d like to tell you a little story. Stay with me if you will. It will all make sense in the end…

Once upon a time, there were these two BFF’s called June and Jane. June and Jane met in school and immediately hit it off. Whatever June did, Jane found it funny or amazing; likewise, whatever Jane did, June would think it was the coolest thing ever. They were inseparable, and all their other friends noticed that these two were becoming a bit of an item. There was nothing sexual about their relationship; they just genuinely and effortlessly got on mentally.

As time went by, their bond only got stronger. Whatever happened in June’s life, she would share it with Jane, and almost always, June was supported by Jane. Jane would get why June felt that way about whatever it was that June was saying. If June got into fights with her parents, Jane would see that June’s parents were being ridiculously unfair towards June. In fact, Jane never got how parents of such a wonderful human being could ever get angry or annoyed or be negatively judgmental about their daughter. Needless to say, if the situation was reversed, June would always back Jane, too.

When they finished school, they decided to go to the same university, live in the same student halls and, even though they chose different courses, they continued to spend as much time together as possible. Boyfriends would come and go, some would stay for a while, other friendships would be made, some fleeting and others more lasting, but the one constant that remained was the strength of the June-Jane bond. No matter what life threw at them, it only managed to reinforce the fact that what they have is a unique friendship that can stand the test of time and life’s many challenges.

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