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Looking for Healthy Love

Part Two

written by Ken Page, LCSW November 7, 2019
Looking for Healthy Love

Looking for love is hard. You need to look in the right places with the right people to find who you’re looking for. Also, you must be authentic and true to yourself, otherwise, you will never find your true match in love.

Your True Protection

In nature, creatures are endowed with exoskeletons or endoskeletons. Creatures that have exoskeletons have an external armor. They hide their soft parts with hard armor. But creatures that have endoskeletons have bodies that have softness surrounding this essential structure inside, their skeleton, their spine, so their soft parts can be exposed because of the integrity of their inner framework.

When we embrace who we really are and begin to accept our limitations, our beauties, our passions, our sensitivities, we feel like we have a spine, and then we can meet the world skin to skin instead of armor to skin or armor to armor. When we’re ashamed of who we are, there’s only one option to protect ourselves: some kind of armor that keeps the world at a distance.

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