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Mental Health and Our Diet

written by Marlene Watson-Tara August 11, 2020
Mental Health and Our Diet

Marlene Watson-Tara, explains the link between mental health and the food we consume. 

Improve The Gut & The Brain With Plant-Based Nutrition

Each day mental health awareness is on the page of every newsfeed on the internet and in the newspapers. Bill and I have worked with clients and students for decades who have suffered from many mental health problems. The suffering could have been the result of them losing a loved one, a diagnosis of some terminal illness, the loss of their home, job or any other multitude of things that humans are challenged with daily. I am not suggesting you can wave a magic wand and heal your pain by changing your diet, but connecting the gut/brain to mental health is a new and fascinating area of research.

The Gut-Brain Connection

The gut-brain connection is recognised as a basic tenet of physiology and medicine. There is no shortage of evidence of gastrointestinal involvement in a variety of neurological diseases. What has been discovered is that gut bacteria can play a significant role in your psychology and behaviour as well as your digestion. This is why nourishing your gut flora is extremely important.  What a surprise, we have two brains, one inside your skull and one in your gut, and each needs its own vital nourishment.

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