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Practicing Faith that Moves Mountains

Four Ways to Exercise Faith

written by Dina Marais December 18, 2019
Practicing Faith that Moves Mountains

What is faith? It is to believe in the unseen and take action on the unseen. This is not about religion; it is about your relationship with Source, Universe, Creator – what it is to you. It is also about your relationship with yourself.

Exercising Faith

Faith is like a muscle that we exercise to become stronger and stronger. The more you practice without fail, no matter what happens, the more your world will become what you desire.

You have to train your brain to adopt and integrate a whole new paradigm. That takes practice and commitment. However, the rewards of enjoying a blissful relationship with the Divine and creating the life you desire is absolutely worth it.

The thing is, most people are lazy about putting in the effort. And your ego-mind loves to keep you in the same space, albeit miserable. Even misery becomes a comfort zone.

Manifest Your Desires

What you energize, manifests. It is all about what you choose to focus on and give power to.

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