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Prioritizing is a Priority

written by Dominique Mas July 17, 2018
Prioritizing is a Priority

When September 2017 came along, I woke up each day feeling free. So free! I didn’t have to be up at 5:45am to get ready and at school by 7:30am! Some might say I felt very smug about it as I opened my eyes at 7am and thought of my ex-colleagues who were already on their way to work. Not nice, I know! 

Oh, the bliss of waking up and walking the dog with my boyfriend, going to a yoga class or practicing at home by myself and then having breakfast before leisurely starting work… Oh, let’s see, what do I feel like doing today? Yes, I’ll work on the website. That sounds good!

For the first time in my life, my time was not regimented by the school bell! 

Lead With A Twist, my business, started to take off and everything was perfect! Slowly, very surreptitiously, tasks started to sneak into my to-do list. The list started to grow and the tasks to pile up. My inbox was busier, I had to complete paperwork…and before I knew it I started to feel overwhelmed. I was running around and did not take time to meet friends…How could I? I had to build a website, find clients, create workshops, deliver workshops, arrange coaching calls, go to networking events, create content, social media posts…Were those tasks breeding new tasks? The list grew longer and I started to crumble. 

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