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Problems and Challenges Faced By Employees at Work

Part One - Challenges 1-6

written by Patrick Ow February 10, 2020
Problems and Challenges Faced By Employees at Work

Employees with jobs are now more at risk than ever before with the growing list of problems faced by employees at work and the challenges facing workers today.  Job security is now a thing of the past.

One key response to this is for employees to mind their own business, future-proof their jobs, and secure their future income streams from potential shocks of organizational restructures, poor health, technology innovation, economic uncertainties, and poor management.

The other way is to love your current job as you prepare yourself for the future of work.  There are 75 Ways to love your work (and be actively engage in your job without hating it!).

There are many reasons why employees must immediately take control of their financial independence and be the pilots of their lives.

Parents with teenage children can also use the information in Shocking Secrets Every Worker Needs to Know to guide their children in choosing the right careers and jobs.

1. Living in Times of Low Productivity Growth

According to Axios, “there’s a broad consensus among economists that the central problem facing the U.S. economy today is low productivity growth. It explains both slow-growing wages and the exploding costs of housing, healthcare, and education … No one knows with certainty why productivity growth has been slow since the 1970s.”

Since 2000, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development observed that productivity growth has declined or slowed down in many advanced countries. It has been particularly pronounced since the global financial crisis.

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