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Relationship as a Spiritual Path

written by Darlene Lancer July 9, 2018
Relationship as a Spiritual Path

What makes us spiritual beings? The concept of spirituality is derived from “spiritus,” meaning vitality or breath of life.  When we are connected to that force, like an electric charge, our soul awakes; the more we stay connected to that energy, the stronger and more alive our soul is. Our relationships present a constant opportunity to tap into this power. 


Consider spiritual ideals, such as faith, truth, surrender, patience and compassion.  As we practice these principles in our relationships, they have a synergistic effect, reinforcing one another and strengthening us. 

Faith that we will not disintegrate from loneliness, fear, shame, or rejection allows us to risk separateness from our partner.  Faith in a higher power makes it possible to surrender our well-being and self-esteem to something other than another person. 

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