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Reversing the Roles: House Husbands

written by Dr. Eva Bell August 5, 2019
Reversing the Roles: House Husbands

For centuries, we have been locked into gender roles of male as the provider and protector and female as homemaker and nurturer. But the 21st century has seen the beginning of role reversals within the family. Men are opting to stay at home and become house husbands. The West, especially Canada, the UK, and the USA, has accepted this new concept of stay-at-home husbands. Asian and Indian families are still a long way from doing so. Muslims believe that it is unislamic for a man to take on the role of a woman.

Reasons for Change

  • As mid-life approaches, many men feel trapped in stressful corporate jobs. They long for less demanding occupations and believe that housework and care of children is easier and will leave time for recreation and hobbies.
  • There has been an unprecedented rise in women in the workforce. Higher education and professional skills have shattered the glass ceiling so that women are able to take on jobs which were once the prerogative of men. In many instances, they may be drawing higher salaries than their husbands. Sometimes women are the sole breadwinners. Feminist ideologies, availability of contraception, and the influence of the media have also contributed to the rise of working women.
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