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Seize the Opportunity to ‘Reset’ Your Life Post-COVID-19

(and be Permanently Fulfilled and Joyful)

written by Patrick Ow July 3, 2020
Seize the Opportunity to ‘Reset’ Your Life Post-COVID-19

If life is ‘okay’, running smoothly, everything is fine and nothing is broken, why change? Well, change is the only constant in life right now. More so when most of us have experienced some degree of social isolation during this COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. This was an externally imposed change that nobody expected, nor prepared for. Yet we have an opportunity to seize the day and “reset” our lives so we feel permanently fulfilled and joyful.

It Takes an External Change to Change People

All it took was this externally imposed change to force many people to change their habits and lifestyle. It required people to spend more time at home. It required people to do the things that they would not usually do when they are so busy working or just being occupied with the pressures of life. It has forced them to spend more time with their partners or spouses, with their children, in the kitchen, doing online courses, working on hobbies, etc.

It has also given many of us new opportunities to try new things, new recipes, new skills, new ways of working remotely, new ways for connecting with people, etc. We would not have experienced these new things but for the lockdown.

I have written elsewhere that consumer preferences will change in a post-COVID world. Businesses must start all over again and change to take advantage of these changing consumer preferences in order to survive. Otherwise, they will perish. (You can find the article here.)

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