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Six Fast Ways to Ruin a New Relationship

written by Sarah Williams March 22, 2019
Ways to Ruin a New Relationship

Relationships aren’t easy.

I mean, we can’t just go with the flow, do what we feel like, and think that it’s going to be okay. And while this approach is much better than overthinking anything our partner says or does, we still miss out on a lot that’s going on under the surface.

Obviously, we didn’t keep our eyes open for the details the last time. And because we’ve already had a relationship that didn’t work out, we should try something else now.

It might be making more compromises, not judging, not comparing the person to anyone else, opening ourselves up earlier, etc. It takes two to have a sustainable relationship. We can’t just let things happen and hope for the best.

The new year is a great chance to stop doing some things that make us a bad partner for anyone we meet.

So let’s see what ruins a relationship in order for us to be sure we don’t do it:

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