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Slow Down and Increase Your Output

Part Two: Myths 4-5 of Working More and Faster

written by Ray Williams August 15, 2019
Slow Down and Increase Your Output

Our lives move so quickly that slowing down to increase output sounds like a joke. We are constantly running from one place to the next, constantly checking things off of our to-do lists and moving on to the next task. We all want to get more done and be more efficient, but few of us have figured out how. However, evidence shows that slowing down actually increases happiness and improves your productivity.

The Myths About Working More and Faster

Myth 4: Time is fixed and the same for everyone.

To be most effective, you must move beyond time management to time mastery. Time managers are reliant on clocks and calendars; time masters develop an intuitive sense of timing. Time managers see time as a fixed, rigid constant; time masters view it as relative and malleable. Time masters have what John Clemens and Scott Dalrymple call the critical skill of “temporal intelligence.”

Based on more than four years of research, “Time Mastery” includes dozens of examples of leaders whose temporal intelligence has helped them achieve business breakthroughs at organizations such as GE, 3M, Staples, and Dell. Readers will learn to develop six time-mastery behaviors, including how to: treat time as a continuous “low” of peak experience; set the rhythm of their organization; look beyond the moment and encourage long-term, strategic thinking; and use time as an energizing principle that drives improvement. With intriguing examples from sports, science, history, and the performing arts, as well as business, “Time Mastery” takes a fascinating, in-depth look at a surprising new leadership skill.

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