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Snapping Out of Lonliness

written by Dr. Eva Bell October 7, 2019
Snapping Out of Lonliness

In a world bursting at its seams because of overpopulation, it is ironic that so many people suffer from loneliness. Relationships matter. A lot. We thrive on our connectedness with family, friends, and community. Life is to be lived with others. Man is a social animal, and to remain healthy, we need the acceptance, love, and support of others.

Loneliness is a subjective experience. It has no boundaries. Whether young or old, rich or poor, single or married, educated or uneducated, anyone can suffer from loneliness. There is a lack of community and therefore a feeling of isolation even when surrounded by a crowd. It is being trapped inside walls that separate and alienate a person from those around them.

Jeffrey Young described three types of loneliness.

Transient Loneliness

Everyone experiences brief periods of loneliness or lonesomeness. Something so incredible and exciting has happened that the need to savour that moment alone becomes important. Or in a fit of rage, one needs to cool off and regain one’s self-control.

Situational Loneliness

Situations like bereavement, the loss of a job, a quarrel with spouse or friends, or travel which brings separation from the family, may cause periods of loneliness. This, however, is temporary.

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