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Soulmate? Or the Most Hurtful Relationship of Your Life

written by Nancy Nichols December 21, 2018
Soulmate or the Most Hurtful Relationship

I’ve known plenty of women who have fallen instantly and hopelessly in love with their soulmates—myself included. We gave ourselves passionately and eternally to our soulmates—only to find out later that he is really the man-from-hell.

Women (and men) often believe that a soulmate means they have found their ultimate romantic partner. They meet a man with compatible emotional traits merged with harmonious, combustible pheromones, and kaboom!—soulmates are born.

The problem with this theory: not all soulmates are emotionally healthy individuals.

You’ve met your soulmate. You’ve never felt such an overwhelming emotional, intellectual, and sexual affinity. He feels like your husband, your lover, your father, and your best friend all rolled into one person. It’s as if you had known him in another life and fate has reunited you. He completes you, you say. The emotional bond is spiritual. The physical intimacy is rapturous. It feels too good to be true.

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