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Stress and Techniques to Combat It

written by Dr. Eva Bell August 4, 2020
Stress and Techniques to Combat It

In this urban paradise of today, our personal identity has become closely linked to our achievements, status, and wealth. The world has become a competitive arena, be it at home, or work, or in society. The perpetual struggle to keep abreast of the times generates stress which brings with it, associated problems. Even children are under stress when parents push them too hard to perform well in studies and in extra-curricular activities. They are not allowed any unstructured playtime.

Stress is not inherently bad. A stress-free life would make one lazy, lackadaisical and uninteresting. If there is no irritating grain of sand within an oyster there would be no pearl. If coal is not subjected to extreme heat there would be no diamond. However, there is a limit to what a human being can endure. Stress overload can damage the mind and the body. Inability to cope with difficult situations creates anxiety and tension which interferes with normal functions.

Stressors Come in Different Guises

Personal Ambition:

The unbridled desire to stay ahead in the rat race, to meet deadlines or to achieve great heights, can keep a person on tenter hooks. Occupational stress can be emotionally draining especially when there is no appreciation or support from employers, and no scope for promotion.

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