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The 3 Most Common Relationship Problems

written by Jessica Baum August 21, 2020
The 3 Most Common Relationship Problems

We all know that relationships can lift us up and also bring us to our knees. We’ve all felt the highs of being in love and the lows of being hurt. Love and the search for partnership are two of the most common things we all share, yet no one ever really teaches us what being in a real relationship means.

We are often taught growing up that we just meet Mr. or Ms. Right one day, and life continues to unfold. But the hardships that we will face once we meet that perfect person are never really laid out for us.

Hard times and struggles are not normalized, rather they are avoided. This leaves us ill-equipped for the inevitable challenges we will face no matter how perfect or Mr. or Ms. Right is.

Fast forward to adulthood and every conflict or argument in our relationship feels like doom’s day. But the truth is that relationship struggles are incredibly common and above all, normal.

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