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The 5 Stages of Starting Your Online Business

written by Dina Marais February 28, 2020
The 5 Stages of Starting Your Online Business

There are 5 Stages of Starting an Online Business.  There are a number of components that must be created. Some are done step-by-step while other components overlap.

Stages 1 through 3 take about 3 to 6 months on average to complete, depending on how clear you are on your niche.  Stages 4 and 5 together take about 3 months, depending on the growth of your email list.

Let’s take a closer look at the stages of starting an online business.

Stage 0: Mindset, Energy, Vibrational Alignment

The energy vibration of your mindset or inner game drives your relationship with yourself, Source or Universe, Money and Business, and ultimately, your results.

  • There is as much personal development required in building a profitable online business as there are other action steps.
  • In fact, if you don’t cultivate an abundance mindset, you are going to find this a very difficult journey.
  • Abundance Mindset means to trust and let go of control, the universal fears of not being good enough, and the fear of losing control.
  • When you want to step into a bigger game, you have to invite the Universe as the Senior Partner in manifesting your dream and learn to follow the guidance you receive.
  • Energy Vibrational Alignment means to raise your energy vibration to match that of your vision by stepping into elevated states of gratitude, joy, appreciation, etc. and having thoughts that evoke these states until they become your state-of-being.
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