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The Busyness Trap

written by Ella Magers October 8, 2020
The Busyness Trap

Busyness is not a reality; it’s only your perceived reality. It’s a state of mind, meaning it’s all in your head, coming from your thoughts.

Think about it. For someone who’s used to doing very little, having a few errands to run one day can have him/her saying, “It’s a busy day.” It’s simply about WHAT you’re busy doing!

What is Busyness?

Busyness is a perception of your reality. Life is made up of present moments, and life, therefore, cannot be busy. Only your mind can be busy. We’ve programmed our brains to believe being busy is how we operate, and that it’s outside of our control. We’ve created a personality of being busy, and our personality creates our personal reality!

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