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The Danger of the Old Flame

Why Engaging With an Old Flame is Like Playing With Fire

written by Sharon Pope January 31, 2019
The Danger of the Old Flame

Some fires never fully die out. And apparently for women, rekindling a relationship with an old flame is becoming increasingly common.

It started out innocent enough for my client, Maggie.

James sent a friend request to Maggie. She accepted. He had once been the love of her young life and the man she thought she would spend eternity with, but life got in the way. They both made some missteps and chalked it up to being young and foolish before moving on.

But a lot had changed for Maggie since that time so long ago; she had changed.

She was now married with two children who were almost grown themselves. As the years went by and the kids needed her less and less, the disconnection she was feeling in her marriage became increasingly difficult to ignore. Maggie was numb. She was going through the motions of her life.

She felt empty and incredibly alone.

She told herself she should be grateful; after all, her husband was a good man, a decent man. He was responsible and stable. He worked hard and was loyal and honest. But Maggie was craving a deeper connection in her relationship and more meaningful experiences in her life. She told herself this feeling was a mid-life crisis and assumed it would soon pass.

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