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The MACROVegan Revolution

written by Marlene Watson-Tara August 30, 2018
The MACROVegan Revolution

Welcome to the world of radical empowerment. This is the time for breaking through outmoded paradigms with no exceptions and no compromise. It’s time to spill the beans, strengthen your skill set and learn some new cooking skills.

In the last decade, the increase and growth in new product development has come from the vegan sector who have seen a big increase in people adopting a wholefood, plant-based vegan diet. In the last 12 months, there has been a 60% increase in online searches for vegan and wholefoods plant-based diets. How exciting!

As this sector starts growing rapidly, the meat and dairy industry respond by putting out even more nonsensical “studies” (vested interest). The link between diet and the development of disease is simply common sense: if we continue to injure the body, it will continue to become inflamed; inflammation is the body’s response to healing; remove the injury, remove the inflammation. Meat and dairy cause injury to the body that leads to inflammation, which takes you down the path to a whole host of illnesses.

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