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The Multitasking Mama Doing It All

written by Edie Weinstein December 10, 2019
The Multitasking Mama Doing It All

Remember the guy on the Ed Sullivan Show who would dazzle the audience with his ability to spin plates, cups, and bowls on dowels? Eric Brenn’s talents were the perfect symbol for this recovering Type A+ workaholic and overachiever. I have been able to balance work and play, housekeeping, bill paying, income earning, traveling, caregiving with sometimes astounding skill. Despite those accomplishments, I still doubt that I am as capable and competent as that would indicate. No matter how much feedback I receive, I often feel that I need to maintain that pace or I would fall short; or at least drop a few plates.

Not sure where that whirlwind originated, but it has been a nearly constant companion for as long as I can recall. On any given day, I can be found teaching, writing, counseling, networking, promoting, and creating. Call it an occupational hazard, since as a Social Worker I have, of necessity, needed to be on the phone and documenting at the same time.

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