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The Power of Making Connections

written by L Wayne Smalls May 28, 2020
The Power of Making Connections

L Wayne Smalls, shares the secret to being a great leader: Making Connections. With his three simple steps, you can build great relationships with others in your role as a leader. 

Imagine for a moment that you purchase a brand-new car that has the shiniest new wheels; it has the prettiest paint job and it’s your favorite color. This car can go from 0–60 mph in three seconds. You put the key in the ignition and turn, but nothing happens. You pop the hood as you get out of the car and you realize the battery cables are not connected to the battery of the car. You then understand that your beautiful car with all its bells and whistles is useless. The battery, which is housed under the hood of the car, is the source of power that makes the car operate at its fullest capacity. Without that battery, you just have a beautiful, shiny car that looks good, but it is powerless and has no life.

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