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Think Marriage Counseling is Too Expensive?

written by Linda & Charlie Bloom June 17, 2020
Think Marriage Counseling is Too Expensive?

This one is for people who think that it’s better to wait until things get really bad before getting into marriage counseling. This is not a good idea. The time to go is sooner rather than later. The earlier one gets beneficial help, the cheaper, in terms of pain and dollars, the cost.

John Gottman, the author of How Marriages Succeed and Fail, said in a workshop that the average couple that seeks marriage counseling experiences difficulties for six years prior to making the call. Unfortunately for all too many of them, at this point it’s too late and the goodwill and caring that were present in the early stages of their relationship have eroded beyond repair. All that remains is to declare the marriage dead and give it a proper burial. When asked why they waited so long, a large percentage of these couples claimed that they felt they couldn’t afford therapy and hoped that things would eventually improve on their own.

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