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Can Premarital Counseling Change the Outcome of Your Marriage?

written by Dr. Eva Bell June 20, 2019
Can Premarital Counseling Change the Outcome of Your Marriage?

From the latter part of the 20th century, the institution of marriage has seen a progressive decline. Studies have shown that since 1970, divorce rates have trebled. 20% of all marriages end in divorce. Another 20% of couples living under the same roof are emotionally divorced from each other. Could premarital counseling change these statistics?

“Getting married is easy,” says Flack. “Staying married is more difficult. Staying married for a lifetime should be considered a fine art.”

There are many reasons why marriage has been devalued.

Some consider it an “oppressive institution.” It is much more convenient to live-in with a partner, with no shackles that bind. The very concept of permanence is anathema to young people. Changing partners is much more fun.

Yet for those who still believe that marriage is the very foundation of family and society, premarital counseling is an important step to ensure stability, security, and permanence of the union. Much money, time, and energy goes into the planning of a wedding. But no serious time is spent preparing for the lifelong vocation of marriage. The more thought and preparation that goes into planning one’s future, the greater the likelihood of growing old together.

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