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This is How Optimism Helps Entrepreneurs Succeed

written by Utpal Dholakia November 12, 2018
ptimism Helps Entrepreneurs Succeed

Of the many psychological qualities we possess or try to cultivate, optimism is among the most useful. Optimistic people have a positive outlook about the future, for themselves and for the world as a whole. And it pays off. As I have written before, optimism contributes to good health and helps us recover from health setbacks, especially as we grow older. It helps us deal with problems more effectively by focusing on the solution rather than ruminating about the problem. And when tempered with a deliberate present focus, it helps us make better long-term financial decisions for ourselves

People’s Entrepreneurial Tendencies Provide an Economic Boost

One area of professional life in which these properties of optimism are particularly useful is in entrepreneurial activity. Many economists have argued that the entrepreneurial drive to create new businesses, and the support available to entrepreneurs in the form of an entrepreneurial ecosystem, are the key reasons why America has remained economically powerful for so long when compared to other countries.

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