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Turning a Pandemic into a Plandemic

4 Strategies to Help You through This Difficult Time

written by Michelle Perchuk May 20, 2020
Turning a Pandemic into a Plandemic

As a career coach for college graduates, I am a master of teaching and establishing realistic goals while offering support as they plan their future. As a successful coach working with people who have very little life experience, I find it difficult to not give advice, which they often want from me. On the contrary, I need to understand what is important to them and guide them to establish a plan composed of their own action steps. Especially during the pandemic.

Undoubtedly, I reflect and search for answers in my own life and how I am coping with this challenging time. For me personally, the way to get out of chaos and uncertainty is to plan. So I started to make plans for the day even though I was sheltering in place. Not being able to leave the house did not mean that I didn’t have meetings, commitments, and plans.

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