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Turning Stress Into Strength

written by Laura Saltman August 31, 2020
Turning Stress Into Strength

Laura Saltman shares her experience with turning stress into strength.

Every time I move it’s proven challenging. As a metaphysical teacher, I have learned enough now to know that life is not going to be perfect. Mistakes happen, life happens. Stress is part of the journey to becoming an enlightened human. As a soul, you already know how to manage stress. As a human, we are often confused, frustrated, and triggered by emotional attacks on the psyche. Those can come in many ways. Whether it’s your movers dropping your furniture, the handyman not showing up, or the rude neighbor, stranger, or even friend who sends you off in a tizzy. All those things and more happened to me just this week alone!

I’ve got news for you. Part of what makes us who we are is the messes we move through. The very challenges you experience is how you grow from human being to soul-aligned. In this life, you are learning about various themes, and endless opportunities are presented for you to grow through them. Notice the difference. You can either GO through something or you can GROW through something. And that is precisely how I handle every situation that is thrown my way. I grow through it using various tools and techniques given to me in my The All books and Wisdom of The All messages.

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