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When Your Partner Wants an Open Relationship

written by Tal Araim August 19, 2019
When Your Partner Wants an Open Relationship

Once again, I received one of those questions that I thought would be interesting to publish (usual changes to protect identities applied): My partner asked for an open relationship, what should I do? This is a tricky topic because it hits the very essence of our insecurities and preconceived notions about relationship rights and wrongs. You’ll find yourself asking questions such as: Is my partner just bored with me? Should I be happy because they say it’s everyone’s dream to get a pass to see others at will without getting in trouble at home? Even if we still want each other now, will this make us say and feel things with others that will lead to one or both of us not wanting to be with each other anymore? And so on. These are all valid questions that will crop up when thinking about this topic. However, I think there is a much bigger question being asked here.

Firstly, I hope we can all agree that such topics can only lead to a happy resolution if they are being discussed by two very close friends who trust each other 100%. Friends who in no way would want to hurt each other. Two close friends who want to tell each other their wishes and fantasies because they don’t want to do anything behind each other’s backs.

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