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Where Did Our Love Go?

written by Tod Jacobs & Peter Lynn March 20, 2019
Where Did Our Love Go?

There is a painting of some flowers to your left and another painting of some flowers to your right. You sit on a comfortable chair positioned on a comfortable carpet. You both sit there, speechless and upset. We bet you didn’t think it would ever come to this – sitting in the counselor’s office with the person you once loved.

This isn’t an uncommon scenario. Yet thinking back to the first moment you met, the first time you fell in love, the moment you moved into together, you were both sure that there was no chance the love could ever break.

But it did.

And the question is… Why?

When your current spouse asked for your hand in marriage, you most likely imagined what most people envision a marriage to be: your spouse would be well-groomed and well-dressed each and every day. You both would embrace after a long work day, loaded with passion by the sight of each other spending the whole day unbearably apart. But here’s the funny part: that vision was true! It wasn’t just a vision! Your partner once did dress that way. You did have that passion.

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