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Why it is Hard to Leave a Covert Narcissist

written by Dr. Erin Leonard April 6, 2020
Why it is Hard to Leave a Covert Narcissist

RD&T’s contributing writer, Dr. Erin Leonard, shares insight on why it is difficult to leave a relationship with a covert narcissist. 

The Scenario:

Insensitive, forgetful, dismissive, selfish, and never wrong, a partner has pushed you to the edge. Standing up for yourself results in nightmare fights without a resolution. The inconsiderate behaviors rarely change, and the disrespect continues as if it was not addressed. Exhausted from the constant disappointment, hurt, and anger, you decide to end the relationship. You work up the nerve to ‘pull the trigger.’ Yet, your partner barely acknowledges the break-up and persuades you to revisit the issue the following morning. The next day, he acts as if there is nothing to talk about. Uttering a few compliments while offering you half of his bagel, he makes a joke, and just like that, you are back. Yet, the same cycle continues. You swear you’ve had enough. Yet, each time you attempt to end the relationship, he reels you in with empty promises and insincere sentiments. Ironically, after he has convinced you to re-invest in the relationship, HE breaks up with you.

This cycle of reeling a person in to pull the rug is a sign a partner has control issues.
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