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Why You Should Do Relationship Performance Reviews

written by Dr. Carol Morgan January 29, 2019
Relationship Performance Reviews

I watch the Today Show every morning. A few days ago, they had a really interesting segment that discussed whether or not people in marriages should undergo a “performance review.” While you might be shaking your head and doubling over with uncontrollable laughter at the mere thought of it, I want you to stop and think about it after you’re done laughing. Sure, it sounds silly, but is it really?

Let’s think about this for a second. Why do businesses do performance reviews of their employees? Well, they do it so they can keep the productivity at a peak level, right? What would happen if no one ever had a critique of the job they were doing? Would they still put in their best effort, or would they slack off?

I suppose the answer varies from person to person. As an online dating coach in Dayton, I know first hand that some people just naturally put in 100% effort, while others will look for every excuse to be lazy if they don’t get caught. But the performance review at least holds people accountable for their actions. It also rewards and punishes accordingly.

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